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This story is about a day-in-the-life of a Head Start preschool child during the construction of a new Head Start facility.
CANI Head Start influences the lives of some 800 children per year, but it is more than just a preschool. It provides help with educational and social service needs of the families of the children as well.
CANI Head Start is helping interested parents learn how to be substitute teacher assistants through its PASTA (Parents as Substitute Teacher Assistants) program. Parents who volunteer at least 50 hours in the classroom are given additional training in child development and health and safety procedures. They then can apply to become substitute teacher assistants.
Community groups from high school students to retirees also are an important part of CANI Head Start. For example, high school students in the Whitley County HANDS program and Haverhill Elementary School donated time, energy, and gifts to make the holidays brighter for Head Start children. Students from Homestead High School made quilts for nap blankets for Head Start children.
CANI presented a workshop on teaching fire safety to preschoolers in October, which is Fire safety Month. More than 200 people attended, including CANI Head Start personnel and other Head Start educators from throughout northern Indiana and Ohio. Dr. Robert Cole, Associate Professor at the University of Rochester Medical Center, President of Fireproof Children and nationally respected authority on fire safety education, presented the morning-long program. The workshop was free to participants and also free to CANI through the BIC Corp.

Your child may benefit from CANI Head Start

The CANI Head Start program serves preschoolers and their families in Allen, Noble, and Whitley counties. The CANI Head Start program offers:
  • Free, fun high-quality preschool to income-eligible families.
  • Chance for parents to get involved.
  • Part-day and full-day classes.
  • Free meals for children.


CANI Head Start does not provide bus transportation to and from our sites.  If you need assistance please talk to your Family Advocate.  Some possible solutions include but are not limited to:  carpooling with another family and use of the public transit system.


“CANI has given my children the opportunity to have a head start in education they otherwise would not have received. It has given them tools to be successful in the future. CANI has given me the strength to believe in myself as a role model and most importantly as a mom”
-Melissa Caballero, Head Start parent and Policy Council Chairperson
USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
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